"Pressure Putting" Golf Trainer

"Pressure Putting" Golf Trainer



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"The better you putt, the bolder you play." - Don January.


Are you struggling to make putts. Go from bogeys to birdies with the help of this pressure putting aid so you can mmake more putts, more often. ⛳

The frustration from missing putts cause a spill over effect into other areas of your game. And, I know on my worst putting day, it definitely leaks into the rest of my game. The reasons are simple.

➡️ Missing short putts puts a premium on getting close to the green
➡️ Frustration arising from missing putts blurs a golfer’s overall focus on the game.
➡️ When you cannot make putts the round is shot, so you lose interest in the score, and focus is lost.

The first reason is understandable - missing putts can spill over … you start trying too hard to hit it close or chip it close.

However, the least talked about impact of missing putts is the emotional reaction to missing putts…

The result of all of this is that it causes golfers to:

➡️ Speed up the pace of their routine
➡️ Make bad or hasty decisions
➡️ Try to force shots (or makeup for that bogey)
➡️ Lose interest in the round

None of the above makes for a good golf game. And, how you respond is important. 

The best golfers know putting is one of the most important parts of the game - it’s also one of the best ways to gain confidence and strengthen your overall ability and handicap.

Putting isn't one skill ... it's a combination of

⛳ control,
⛳ swing, and
⛳ strategy.

If you’re serious about achieving lower scores, learn how to putt like a pro. This Pressure Putt Trainer is designed to simulate the exact conditions of putting into a real hole on the green by it's ground-breaking Parabolic Curved Design.

Each successful putt is returned the same distance it would have had it gone past the hole - great feedback for getting the pace just right. Bad putts are rejected to the side of the Pressure Putter

 Build repetition into your practice to improve your pace putting and to practice pressure putting.



Real size hole target: Our Pressure Putt Trainer simulates a macro target the size of a real hole. Thus, golfers get a real feel of pace and accuracy when focusing on this target.

Micro Target: Our Pressure Putt Trainer has a micro target hole that holds perfect putts when opened.

Parabolic Putt Returner: The parabolic putt returner returns perfect putts when the micro target hole is close and rejects bad putts. 

Quality Material build: Made from high quality chunky rubber and heavy duty plastic

Manufactured by Industrial Experts: The Pressure Putt Trainer for professionals was designed and developed by a team of experts. We have used high-quality material that remains intact in the sunlight over time and it doesn’t warped with frequent use.

Improve Your Posture and Speed: This putter training improves your goals and rhythm through scientifically designed parabolic curves.

Designed for Professionals: If you are big on playing golf on the weekends or, you are building a professional career from this hobby, you would need assistance for improving your skills. The Pressure Putt Trainer for golf players feature a swing path, putting gate, and follow through gate that helps with improving the alignment of your shoulders and eyes with time.

Foldable Design: The Pressure Putt Trainer adopt a foldable design. You can fold and fit it easily into your golf bag. So, you can take it anywhere and practice golf putting. Work on your putting anytime and anywhere to build confidence and consistency on the golf course.

Micro Target for Perfect Putt: This Putt out Training Aid is equipped with a micro target. You open the micro target and take the perfect putt challenge. When you have a perfect putt, the golf ball will stay in the hole. You need perfect pace and aim to get the ball in the micro target. ⛳

Practice Anywhere You Want: The Pressure Putt Trainer could be carried to any practice space, whether at home, the office or even the putting green at your local course.

Portability: The Pressure Putt Trainer is easy to fold, pack/unpack thus reducing any friction that may prevent you from putting for even 10 minutes.


⛳ Practice putting at home, the office or on the course

⛳ Made of thick rubber and sturdy plastic

⛳ Designed to fold flat so it can be easily stored in your golf bag.

⛳ Each successful putt is returned the same distance it could have passed the hole.

⛳ Incorporate repetition into your practice to improve your rhythm and practice pressing.

⛳ The parabolic curve design simulates the exact conditions for pushing a ball into a real hole in the green.

⛳ Elastomer polycarbonate and the ergonomic design folds up to fit easily into your golf bag so you can take it anywhere and fit training around your schedule.

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